As part of noni juice no dyes, preservatives and sugar.That is why the product is allowed to receive not only the adults suffering from acute and chronic diseases, but also chastoboleyuschim children.Juice strengthens the immune system, fills the body with energy and gives him the strength to fight against various diseases.This drink, despite its wonderful properties, is not a drug or dietary supplement.It has no contraindications, and because it can be taken by any person with any disease.In rare cases, the juice can cause allergies, this is the only indication for termination of his admission.
Though noni juice is not a medicine, consumers
noted its beneficial effects on the body.Unfortunately, the high cost of the product does not allow most people to use it in unlimited quantities.So many noni juice mixed with other juices or drink this healthy beverage in pure form in small dosages.
Open a bottle of juice in the refrigerator for no longer than a month, after this period the product becomes unfit for consumption.As juice Shake before using and pour the required amount of the drink into a glass.
beneficial effects of noni felt during daily use 30-90 ml of juice.Its bioavailability is higher if the reception is carried out before the meal.The most pronounced effect was seen in the use of the drink half an hour before breakfast.Improving health is celebrated on the second week of drinking juice.
In case of illness, you can increase the consumption of juice.Ideal to drink it without restriction, but failing that, to the morning of juice, add an evening reception.
Drink juice one day course.Since the beverage is not a drug, taking a break when it is not required.