Species tablets

the treatment of allergic diseases tablets are used as a monotherapy (by itself), and in combination with other drugs.According to the mechanism of action they are divided into several groups.

Antihistamines ("Suprastin", "Diphenhydramine" "Claritin" "Zyrtec" "Telfast", "Aerius") - block histamine receptors and thereby prevent the development of its effects: itching, swelling, redness.These drugs are divided into two groups - first and second generation, which are successfully used in the treatment of allergic reactions.

antileukotriene drugs ("Zileuton", "Akolat") - prevent the action of leukotrienes, contributing to the development of edema, bronchospasm, bronchial and nasal release mucus.Typically, these funds are used for the treatment of hay fever, asthma, allergic rhinitis a
nd bronchitis.

Preparations cromoglycate ("Intal", "Ifiral") block the release of allergy mediators (histamine, leukotrienes), reducing swelling, redness, and rash.Such agents typically used to treat food allergies.

How to choose a good tablet

Choice antiallergic agent is best left to professionals.Self-diagnosis and self-treatment are fraught with reduction in the therapeutic effect, and exacerbation of allergic reaction.Prescribe treatment, the doctor will take into account the type of allergy, the severity of the disease, the degree of manifestation of certain symptoms, and the presence of comorbidities and contraindications to the drug.Sometimes it happens that the assigned allergist drug the patient is not suitable because of the high cost and a return visit to him is impossible.In this case, you can use the advice of the pharmacist, who will offer allergy medications with the same active ingredient - generics.

How are original drugs from generic

Effective allergy pills difficult to find yourself another reason that the drugstore chain a large selection of unique original drugs that have an equal effect, but with a lower price.However, in some cases, quite cheap drugs are ineffective.It is important to bear in mind that only in the manufacture of original products well-known brands conducts research and testing in order to improve efficiency and reduce the adverse effects of the active substance, which is reflected in their high costs.