Why generics are much cheaper than the original product?

can imagine how many years may pass before you get to develop drugs on the shelves of pharmacies.Initially, the drug takes a lot of tests in the laboratory, then on animals, groups of volunteers.The development of spending huge amount of money, which itself will be incorporated in the final product price.The drug gets its original name, which at the time the patent is not entitled to use any one pharmaceutical company.

When the patent expires, other manufacturers of pharmaceutical products have the right to start a fully reproduce the drug.So there are generics.The content of active substance in generics exactly the same as in the origi
nal specimen, and the final price is much lower.The manufacturer does not spend a lot of money to develop and test drugs, so sometimes the price of analogue in times less.

Choosing generic

Russia produces a huge number of well-known generic drugs imported drugs.Standards of quality and safety of its Russian peers are at a high level.It's safe to say that domestic drugs is much cleaner and safer than products imported from Asia.

It should be noted that not all generic drugs are manufactured in accordance with the rules, and is very low compared to the original cost of the medicine should immediately alert the buyer.However, the longer the drug is released, the greater the likelihood that it will fully comply with the original.

Sometimes even so, that the very companies that produce original medicine after the expiration of the patent starts on the same plant produces analog.Democratic price enables all segments of the population to use modern medicines.

modified drugs or generics may differ from the original product in shape, color, size and taste.Their main drawback - it is the presence of unexpected side effects.The manufacturer of the original drug often does not disclose fully all the details of the production process.

development of new drugs by large firms, equipped with the latest technology, and generic drugs are sometimes made with obsolete equipment, which can not ensure a high degree of purification of the product.

Do not substitute their own expensive medicines more affordable counterparts.Be sure to consult with your doctor.Worth buying medicines only in major pharmacies, because the known drug, the more likely to stumble on a fake.