drug is effective against the bacteria that causes trichomoniasis.Thus with the help of medication and therapy can be carried out complicated forms of chronic disease."Trichopolum" shown to be effective in the treatment of giardiasis and amebiasis any form, as well as liver damage caused by them (such as amoebic liver abscess).

tool can be used to treat infections that are caused by anaerobic bacteria.Often the drug is prescribed for the treatment of abdominal abscesses, ovaries, fallopian tubes, lungs, brain."Trichopolum" may be used for the treatment of endometritis, pneumonia.Antibacterial effects of the drug makes it possible to stop infections of the skin and bones.The tool can be used in the treatment of complications resulting from operational surgery.It is also possible the use of drugs f
or sepsis.

¬ęTrichopolum" is often used as a means for the prevention of various complications that can also be caused in the course of surgical procedures.Because of its properties, the drug can be used for removal of the appendix or gynecological operations.Also means applied both separately and as part of combination therapy in the treatment of bacterial infections mixed with appropriate antibiotics.As an adjuvant formulation may be used for the treatment of peptic ulcer disease caused by Helicobacter pylori.In addition to the drug can also be assigned to the appropriate antibiotics.


Depending on the release form (tablet or solution) may be some contraindications to the drug.It is forbidden to take medication during leukopenia, CNS lesions (eg, epilepsy).It should appoint a high dose of the drug in patients with hepatic and renal insufficiency.Exclude the use of the drug in 1 trimester of pregnancy and lactation.Care must be taken to use the drug in the 2 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy."Trichopolum" is contraindicated in children younger than 3 years, and if the patient has an increased sensitivity to the main component of funds - metronidazole.

taking medication should be carried out only in accordance with the instructions of the doctor.Exceeding this dose may be the cause of adverse reactions and the associated deterioration of health.