Instructions for use ointment "Akriderm»

Medicament "Akriderm" has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic and vasoconstrictor action.It is prescribed for the treatment of psoriasis, chronic and acute forms of non-allergic dermatitis, contact, professional, solar dermatitis, to relieve the symptoms of itching.

«Akriderm" applied thinly to the diseased skin, gently rubbing the drug.The ointment is applied 1-3 times a day.Duration of treatment - no more than three weeks.In the absence of clinical benefit after two weeks of "Akriderma" to see a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. drug "Akriderm" in children under twelve years of age are used under medical supervision.

When infecting a bacterial or fungal infection secondary needs receive appropriate medications."
Akriderm" in this case does not need to apply until all signs of infection have disappeared.In case of irritation or hypersensitivity, the treatment was stopped, and go to the doctor.

Contraindications "Akriderma»

«Akriderm" is contraindicated in viral infections of the skin, tuberculosis of the skin, after vaccination, perioral dermatitis (rashes and acne around the mouth), pink acne (rosacea), and revealed hypersensitivity to any componentdrug.The ointment is not recommended for use on the face for a long time.It is impossible to use the drug in the eye, in this case a worsening of HSV infection, the occurrence of glaucoma, cataract, fungal infection.The drug "Akriderm" not recommended for use during pregnancy for a long time in large doses.At the time of treatment should stop breastfeeding. «Akriderm" stored at a temperature of 15 to 25C.Shelf life - two years.

Side effects "Akriderma»

drug can cause the following side effects: irritation and dryness, burning, and the emergence of allergic contact dermatitis, the follicle, excessive hair growth.In case of side effects, contact your doctor.

Prolonged use of ointment "Akriderm" possible depression of adrenal function, which can cause secondary adrenal insufficiency.In this case, an appropriate symptomatic treatment.If "Akriderm" has on the body chronic toxic effects, it is necessary to phase out the drug.