hepatoprotectors "Ursofalk" is used as a drug, improves liver function in case of violation of its normal operation.Thus, this drug may Life appointed physician to stimulate the formation of bile required for proper digestion, reduce the level of cholesterol in the liver or in the complex therapy aimed at dissolving cholesterol stones formed.

understood, however, that these diseases are usually formed over a long period of time, and therefore are characterized primarily for adults.The specificity of the drug "Ursofalk" for newborns - is somewhat different.The fact that one of the common symptoms appear 2-3 days of life, is the so-called jaundice, manifested that his skin gets marked yellow.

reason for this phenomenon experts call increased levels of bilirubin in the baby's blood, which after a while comes b
ack to normal on their own.However, if such a condition persists for two weeks, it is usually corrected with the help of medications, as elevated levels of bilirubin can have a negative effect on the baby's brain.


use of the drug "Ursofalk" for newborns for the treatment zheltushki should be made strictly on prescription.Only a specialist can properly establish the diagnosis, as well as choose the dosage of the drug needed in a particular situation.Otherwise, you may be faced with the emergence of side effects from taking it, for example, violation of a chair or an allergic reaction.

Typically, newborns' Ursofalk "prescribed in the form of a suspension, which is most easily reconciled with the child's diet.The entire amount of the recommended daily dose of a doctor usually give for a time, to ensure maximum effectiveness of the impact of drugs on the body.At this dose depends on the weight of the child.Depending on the intensity of the disease and the number of individual characteristics of the baby "Ursofalk" required in the course of therapy can be from 10 to 40 milligrams per 1 kilogram of body weight.The total duration of the reception is usually set as the symptoms disappear zheltushki, that is, eliminate the yellow hue of the skin.However, to cancel the medication should also be a doctor, he was appointed as too early removal may lead to that child's blood will remain unnecessarily high levels of bilirubin.