As used "Karipain»

«Karipain" is a highly effective drug used in osteochondrosis of the spine, including the hernia SHmorlja, herniated disc, for the treatment of post-traumatic and post-stroke joint contracture, keloid scars of various origins tunnel syndrome, discogenic sciatica.The main active ingredient "Karipaina" (papain) is an enzyme that can break down proteins.The drug is released in the form of dry balm and cream form.

Dry balm "Karipain" is used for electrophoresis.For medical treatment course is held, 1 course is 20-30 procedures.Allowed to take breaks between treatments in 1-2 days.If necessary, after 30-60 days you can re-treatment.For the treatment of protrusion of intervertebral disc, cervical degenerative disc disease, spinal osteo
chondrosis performed one course of treatment is 20-30 procedures for the treatment of intervertebral hernia - 1-3 courses for 20-30 procedures required interval between courses of 1-2 months.If the patient has intervertebral hernia the size of more than 5 mm, it is necessary to conduct 3 courses electrophoresis.Dry balm "Karipain" is introduced with the positive pole of the device.One vial is diluted with 10 ml of normal saline or water for injections, immediately prior to the procedure.The solution you need to add 2-3 drops of "Dimexidum." If necessary, use an additional anti-inflammatory drug therapy, massage, chiropractic.

«Karipain": reviews, contraindications

In the opinion, the achievement of maximum therapeutic effect contributes to a combination of electrophoresis using the cream "Karipain."The tool should be applied to diseased areas of the body once a day (morning or evening), the entire treatment period."Karipain" may cause allergic reactions.In this case, the occurrence of itch, fever assigned antihistamine therapy ("Tavegil" "Claritin" "Diazolin") processing is carried out locally hydrocortisone.There are reviews that between the 5th and 8th procedures for a possible worsening of the disease, the condition is normalized after 3-5 treatments. Dry balm "Karipain" is a complete analogue of the drug "Karipazim."

«Karipin" is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the components of acute inflammation in the tissues, while sequestering disc herniation (the most severe degree of impairment of the intervertebral disc, and the core material disk falls out and is separated completely from the disc.) The drug should not be administeredintramuscularly or intravenously.