¬ęClomid" is indicated for the induction of ovulation, causing female infertility.The drug stimulates the production of prolactin, FSH (follikostimuliruyuschego hormone) and OOP (luteinizing hormone).As adjunctive therapy drug is used as a means of primary and secondary amenorrhea.It showed the drug to be effective in treating the syndrome Stein-Leventhal (polycystic), oligomenorrhea, galactorrhea, Chiari syndrome, androgen deficiency and Fromelya.In some cases, a drug prescribed for the treatment of male infertility, if the patient has the appropriate indications.
drug is assigned a doctor after the hormonal tests and identify the causes of infertility, which should correspond to a "Clomid".Duration of treatment facilities varies dependin
g on the ovarian response to the assigned treatment.
Women with infertility in the background is no violation of the menstrual cycle, can take the drug for 3-5 day cycle.On day 3, the drug is taken, if the symptom appears early ovulation.For the treatment of amenorrhea method of "Clomid" You can start on any day.
The drug can be taken in two schemes, according to the relevant regulations of the doctor.According to the first receiving circuit is performed for 5 days at 1 tablet a day.In the course of treatment is carried out constant monitoring of ovarian response by laboratory tests.
second scheme is applied in the event that the initial treatment did not produce the desired results.On the 5th day of the menstrual cycle later appointed 2 tablets per day (10 receptions for the course).In the absence of ovulation treatment is repeated once more.Then you need to interrupt therapy for a period of 3 months and repeat the procedure.If, after such therapy ovulation has not occurred, the doctor may be considered an alternative version of the appointment of the drug.
For the treatment of polycystic agent is appointed on 1 tablet per day.In the treatment of oligospermia in men the drug is taken 1-2 times a day for 6 weeks.In the course of therapy is necessary to conduct regular monitoring of the patient's sperm through semen.