Instructions for Use "Carbamazepine»

«Carbamazepine" reduces irritability, anxiety, depression and frequency of epileptic seizures.When neuralgia it prevents the appearance of paroxysmal pain.The drug is prescribed for seizures, acute manic states, with alcohol withdrawal syndrome (in the complex treatment), to relieve pain in diabetic neuropathy, as well as a maintenance therapy in bipolar affective disorders to reduce the severity of clinical symptoms. «Carbamazepine" used in alcohol withdrawal syndrome to reduce the increased nervous irritability and tremors.

«Carbamazepine" take regardless of the meal.In epilepsy treatment is initiated with a minimum dose - 0.5-1 tablet, it takes up to two times per day.Gradually, the daily dose was increased to two tablets are taken two to three times per day

trigeminal neuralgia drink one to two tablets of the drug a day, gradually increasing the dose twice.When the pain stopped, the amount of drug to reduce effective.When alcohol withdrawal syndrome, polyuria (with diabetes insipidus) take one pill "carbamazepine" two or three times a day.When manic conditions and acute bipolar disorder need to drink a day 2-8 tablets, divided into several stages.The exact dose determined by the physician.

contraindications, side effects, "Carbamazepine»

«Carbamazepine" is not prescribed for suppression of bone marrow hematopoiesis in the history of the disease, with hepatic porphyria, AV-blockade, during breastfeeding, in case of hypersensitivity.You can not take the medication simultaneously with MAO inhibitors and within two weeks after their withdrawal. During pregnancy "carbamazepine" should be used with caution, since there is the risk of intrauterine growth disorders.

«Carbamazepine" can cause quite severe side effects: dizziness, headache, muscular dystonia, oculomotor disturbances, fatigue, trembling of the hands and body, drowsiness, congestive heart failure, increased or decreased blood pressure, arrhythmia.

In applying the drug may cause edema, increased body weight, can develop kidney failure."Carbamazepine" can cause mental disorders, which are manifested by hallucinations, depression, anxiety and disorientation, aggressive behavior.In more detail the side effects are described in the annotations to the drug.