Treatment of chronic cystitis

Chronic cystitis requires a comprehensive treatment: the need not only to get rid of the signs of inflammation of the bladder, but also eliminate the cause, he was summoned.To destroy the causative agent is required antibiotics.Independent selection of these drugs more often than not leads to a cure, but it can cause the appearance of more antibiotic-resistant microorganisms, followed by treatment of the next exacerbation of cystitis will take much more time and effort.

When the first symptoms of an ex
acerbation of chronic cystitis need to see a urologist.It needs to pass tests to ascertain whether abdominal pain and voiding caused by cystitis, not sexual infection or other disease.The research will identify the causative agent of the disease and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics.

choice of antibiotic and duration of treatment determined by the doctor.In some cases, except for reception of conventional tablets, the urologist may designate instillation - infusion antiseptics, antispasmodics and anti-inflammatory drugs in the bladder cavity to relieve pain and inflammation, reduce the amount of bacteria on mucous membranes.

Drug-free methods of treatment of chronic cystitis

Such methods of treatment of chronic cystitis as physiotherapy, herbal medicine, apply only in treatment of the disease.Physiotherapy and decoctions and infusions of herbs to help reduce inflammation and restore the immune system, but they are powerless against the bacteria.

the treatment of cystitis used electrophoresis, mud applications, the effect of electromagnetic fields of ultra-high frequency (UHF-therapy), and other methods of physical therapy.

The drug charges, used to treat inflammation of the bladder, consists of herbs that have anti-inflammatory and diuretic - cranberry leaf, "bear ears", bearberry, corn silk, Horsetail.Doctors recommend cranberry juice and jelly - Cranberries have long been used to treat diseases of the urinary tract and bladder.

diet is of great importance - the period of treatment and for some time after it, have to give up salty, spicy, savory, preferring milk-vegetable diet.It is recommended to increase the amount of fluids you drink - it promotes natural mechanical washing of the bladder.It is advisable to increase the proportion of fiber in the diet, giving up foods that are high in sugar and starch.