Medicines containing enzymes, used primarily as replacement therapy for their own lack of enzymes due to violations of the synthesis of enzymes by the pancreas, intestinal absorption disorders, motor activity of the gastrointestinal tract.The composition of these agents include pancreatic enzymes amylase, protease, lipase, which participate in the digestion process.These drugs help to break down food in the case of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, reduce abdominal pain in diseases of the stomach and intestine, dyspepsia (violations of the chair, feeling of heaviness, belching, bloating).
There are several groups of enzyme preparations.For medicines containing pancreatin
include: "Penzital", "Mezim fort", "Pancreatin", "Creon" pantsitrat "," Pangrol "," Pankreoflat "," Pankreon. "Indications for such drugs are conditions associated with impaired pancreatic exocrine function, overgrowth, peptic ulcer disease with a high content of hydrochloric acid in gastric secretion, acute infectious and chronic diseases of the bowel, accompanied by labored parietal intestinal digestion and absorption), congenital enzyme deficiency.
to formulations containing, besides pancreatin, bile, hemicellulase, and other components, include: "Digestal" "Festal" "enzistal" "Panzinorm" "Kadistal" "Ipental""Pankral" "Pankurmen".A part of these means increases the secretion of bile acids, pancreatic cancer, improved motor activity of the gallbladder and intestines.Hemicellulase promotes the breakdown of complex sugars of vegetable origin, reduces flatulence.Combination drugs are appointed with flatulence, constipation, belching, accompanying diseases of the intestine.Contraindications for their use are: pancreatitis, diarrhea, hepatitis, gastrointestinal ulcers, inflammation of the bowel.
Are combined enzymatic means, which include pancreatin, plant enzymes, and vitamins.These include: "Wobenzym", "Merkenzim", "Flogenzim."These drugs are contraindicated for those allergic to household dust and fungus, bronchial asthma.For drugs of plant origin, containing papain extract, rice fungi and other components are "Oraza" "Pepfiz" "Nigedaza" "Solizim" "Yunienzim" "Somilaza".They are used in the failure of exocrine pancreatic function, as well as in case of intolerance pork, beef.Simple enzymes (e.g., "Betaine" "abomin") have proteolytic (directed to proteolysis) the action, they do not relate to pancreatic enzymes.Currently there are quite rare.