choice of a suitable protection

means to protect against ticks, are of three kinds: acaricide, repellent and insecticide-repellent.Acaricide designed to kill insects.Such drugs created and registered about 30. They are intended solely for the treatment of outer clothing, because they contain a toxic compound (alphamethrin).

Aerosols this type of protection cause paralysis of the extremities of the insect, it disappears, and subsequently dies.Contact with the skin should be completely excluded.Processing is done in advance and clothing is worn only when the agent dries.There are no less than 14 days.

Several examples of such protective devices, "Reftamin taiga", "Tornado, anti-mite," "Picnic anti-mite", "Fumitoks-anti-mite."Aerosol packaging
equipped with a mechanical sprayer contain propellant.

Another protective agent "Pretiks."It is an acaricidal bar, which is applied to strips girding on clothes before going out into the woods.

assets included in its membership diethyl toluamide, referred to repellennym.Unlike acaricide protection, these substances can be processed directly to the skin.They are not washed off with water and do not lose their properties, even at elevated sweating man.

Apply lotions need around your knees and ankles if they remain open.Tick ​​repellent forces to take flight (duration within 12 hours).You can be sure that the clothes are treated by means such as "DEFI-Taiga", "Deta-Wocke" or "OFF!Extreme ", will retain its protective properties over the five days.

Combined option

combination alphamethrin (acaricide) and diethyl toluamide (repellent), makes it possible to protect people not only from the mites, but also on other insects (biting).Release them is made in the same aerosol containers, treated them clothes.

insecticide-repellent drugs include the following agents: "Tick-kaput aerosol", "Moskitol Spray ticks", "Edge-rap" or "Medilis-comfort".

There are other ways of protection.Special protivoentsefalitnye suits edged ruffles (mechanical principle) serving to trap mites.In such a trapped insect dies from the effects of substances acaricide (a chemical principle).Deadly compound moistened insert located inside the shuttle.

«Protivoentsefalitnye suits BioStop" carry a 100% protection and more effective than all the means that are known today.