The drug is recommended to be used during and mixed bacterial vaginitis, vaginal trichomoniasis vaginitis, caused by the fungus Candida.Also, "Terzhinan" used before gynecological surgery, before and after IUD, before abortion and childbirth hysterography before and after diatermokogulyatsii cervix.Candles contraindicated in patients who have increased sensitivity to the drug.
drug "Terzhinan" is available for vaginal administration.Each suppository before use is necessary to wet with water for 20 seconds and then enter deeply into the vagina in the supine position.After performing the procedure it is necessary to soak for 15-20 minutes.It is better to put candles before going to bed.The treatment should last at least 10 days.For complex mycosis therapy extend to 20 days.Treatment continues during the next menstrual period.The daily
dosage of the drug should be consistent with the attending physician.
side effects of "Terzhinan" rare and pronounced allergic reactions.There may be a burning sensation when administered candles.In such cases, use of the drug should be discontinued and replaced it with a more benign counterpart.Components of the drug in small quantities fall into the general circulation, so the possibility of overdose is unlikely.
Gynecologists recommend that pregnant patients often "Terzhinan", as the tool is less concern for health.Its components do not accumulate in the body and do not harm the unborn baby.In Russia, the drug is prescribed in the second trimester of pregnancy, and abroad it is applied throughout the whole period.
should be the therapy of both sexual partners.Otherwise, possible reinfection.Reviews the patients who used the drug, most diverse.One category of patients was satisfied with the treatment and received a quick positive results.Other patients do not feel the improvement of the course of treatment.Also, some had to deal with the aggravation of side effects and discontinue use of the drug.
«Terzhinan" does not affect the ability to drive a car and other vehicles.Also receiving the drug does not affect the employment and activity.Candles freely dispensed from pharmacies.Keep in a refrigerator.The drug produces the French company "Laboratory Bouchard-Rekordati."