Reception "regulon" is necessary to start from the 1st day of menstrual bleeding.Reception cycle is 21 days.On the day should drink 1 tablet.After the end of the 21 day cycle, making a seven-day break reception during which due to the cancellation of the drug comes menstrualnopodobnoe bleeding.The next day after the end of the seven-day pause reception "regulon" is resumed.
first taking the drug can be started as soon as the 1st, and with 2-5 days of the menstrual cycle.If the first method of "regulon" occurred in the 1 st day of the cycle, use additional contraceptive drugs and remedies are r
equired.If the reception is started later in the first 7 days of application "regulon" should use additional contraception.If, after the onset of menstruation has been more than 5 days, the beginning of the drug should be postponed until the next menstrual period.
After birth, welcome "regulon" can begin after a preliminary consultation of the doctor.First pills should be carried out not earlier than 21 days after the birth, but if a woman has already had sexual intercourse, the use of "regulon" should be delayed until the onset of menstruation.If the drug began later than 21 days after the birth, the first 7 days, you need to use additional contraception.After abortion pills should be started strongly from the first day after the operation in the usual way.
When switching from another oral contraceptive intake "regulon" should start the day after the end of the 28 day cycle taking other contraceptive pills.If a woman taking the drug 21-day course, she should do the usual 7-day break, after which you can begin to receive "regulon".
If you missed taking the drug and did not go after missing more than 12 hours, it is enough to take the forgotten tablet and continue to use the drug at the usual time.However, if the pass is more than 12 hours, contraceptive reliability is greatly reduced.As stated in the instructions to the "regulon", in this case, you should use additional methods of contraception.If there was a pass on the first or second week of the cycle, the next day, take 2 tablets.Then continue taking the drug as normal using additional methods of contraception until the end of the cycle.If you took a pass on the third week of the menstrual cycle should take the missed pill and resume normal taking the drug, but in this case the 7-day break did not do.
Note that "Regulon" has a fairly wide range of contraindications and side effects, so a decision on whether the drug should be taken after consulting a doctor.If you experience side effects reception "regulon" may be extended depending on the ratio of benefits and risks.