you need
  • - iodine;
  • - troksevazin gel;
  • - badyaga;
  • - vodka.
injured area usually swells quickly, very sore, walking becomes difficult.As soon as possible please attach to the sore spot something cold, until the piece of meat out of the freezer and soaked a towel in cold water.This will help reduce swelling.
Eliminate broken leg.If the bone is intact and casting is not required (and this can only be determined using X-rays), treatment of stretch joint can be done at home.
Make iodine grid extension in place.Apply it 2-3 times daily until the swelling subsides.
damaged joint lock overlay very tight bandage.As it breaks, and to once again make the net iodine, bandage will need to remove and re-drag, even at night.
In the early days of the leg pain is very strong, so be calm and try to walk as little as possible.
As a rule, strong tension and even more so to break the ligaments are damaged blood vessels, extensive hematoma formed and the leg becomes blue and even almost black.In this case, several times a day rub troksevazin gel (for the restoration of the walls of blood vessels) and use badyagoy or ointment with its content, which promotes the resorption of hematomas and bruises.
After three or four days you can start to do warm compresses to help cope with the pain and remove the swelling.At this stage of treatment useful packs of vodka.Do not use pure alcohol - it can burn the skin.
And most importantly - stretching joint necessarily need to be treated until the end, until full recovery and the strengthening of ligaments to any symptoms have disappeared.Take a 15-minute massage ankles, wearing a pressure bandage at least a week after the skin to restore the natural color, not otherwise excluded recurrences.