Causes uterine bleeding

In order to choose the right and effective tool, you need to know exactly what impact the emergence of uterine bleeding.Often the cause hormonal disruptions are occurring in the ovaries.As a result of these failures, the ovaries produce the female hormones not enough so we have to take hemostatic agents containing some of these key hormones.Take them necessary only after a thorough examination, because without it, the right to determine the desired composition of the preparation is impossible.

Bleeding can be caused by certain diseases (polycystic ovarian fibroma or leiomyoma of the uterus), in such cases, it is essential not only to find the necessary hemostatic drugs, but also to start treating the underlying disease.Because stop the blood at the same time, it is not meant to prevent its re-occurr


If bleeding occurs for any other reasons, and hormonal changes, they have nothing to do, it is supposed to apply hemostatic drugs constricts blood vessels and increase blood clotting.Such funds can be used one-time fee, not allowed their systemic administration, because they can cause irreparable harm to women's health, affecting the menstrual cycle in the very long term.Such means include: "Dicynonum" "Traneksan" or "Vikasol".It must be remembered that assign a particular preperat should only be qualified.

It should be understood that the uncontrolled admission of drugs (increases blood clotting and constricts blood vessels) can begin the process of vein occlusion.In addition, these agents are contraindicated for people suffering from thrombosis or atherosclerosis.

Sometimes hemostatic drugs during menstruation just contraindicated because of allergic reactions to any component parts, or any other intolerance.In such cases, use the recipes of traditional medicine.For such purposes the decoction of the bark of Viburnum, tinctures and teas from calendula, nettle infusion or decoction.These means do not affect the female hormones, but only vasoconstrictor activity.