Use dental drops in accordance with the instructions from the manufacturer.In the complex formulation contains peppermint oil, having a disinfecting action, tincture of valerian, which soothes the mucous membrane receptors gums and teeth.Camphor and peppermint oil have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect.A rubbing alcohol - a powerful disinfectant action.
Dosing dental drops quite simple.Apply a small amount to a cotton wool and attach to the sore tooth.If a large hollow tooth, cotton wool rationally inserted directly into the caries formation and impact of the jaw.After 20-30 minutes, when the pain subsides, remove the cotton wool.If necessary, apply a small amount of tooth drops on cotton wool and a
new re-attach to the sore tooth.
gingivitis, periodontitis, periodontal disease, after surgery on the teeth and gums dental use drops in accordance with the recommendation of a physician.As a general rule, prescribe put cotton wool soaked drops to the affected places within a few days.Treatment time may be extended if necessary.
Do not use the drops with individual tooth sensitivity and intolerance to the components of the complex drug allergies, epilepsy and tendency to seizures.
During pregnancy and lactation dental drops can be used only after consulting a doctor.
Using dental caries drops, keep in mind that the drug helps temporarily relieve pain and replace non-narcotic analgesics.To eliminate the pain permanently, you should contact your dentist and undergo proper treatment.Prolonged use of dental drops undesirable.
patients who had a successful anti-alcohol therapy, should be aware that dental drops contain alcohol.After treatment of alcoholism from using any alcohol-containing medicines should be avoided.