Before buying trendy vitamin complex, consult your doctor trichologist.He will be able to determine the true cause of problems with hair .In some cases this can be a serious health problems, including the hormonal background.For this reason, the same vitamin complex organism different women may act differently.
If serious health problems are not there, turn in a special analysis, which will determine which ones of vitamins and minerals is not enough to your tresses.For it will take a few of your hair.After a few days you will receive the conclusion about their structure.Then you will be able to choose those vitamins , which you lack.
Most often residents of ce
ntral Russia there is a shortage in the body of B vitamins B. Therefore, the choice of drugs for hair growth, pay attention to how much of these vitamins is part of the complex.Especially important is vitamin B8 - Biotin.Also, there is a lack of vitamins D and F, which are necessary for hair.The structure should include vitamin complex and vitamin C.
Although vitamins A and E are necessary for growth hair as improve blood circulation of the scalp, they can seriously harm an overabundance of health.Therefore, pay attention to the amount of these vitamins in preparations.The instructions should indicate how much they make on a daily dose.
addition of vitamins for growth hair and trace elements are needed, so make sure you read the label of the drug.To stimulate growth , primarily needed magnesium and silicon, and to grow new hair strong and healthy - zinc and sulfur.If slow hair growth is not associated with thyroid disease, then turn your attention to the preparations of iodine.But since it is harmful to the health of a surplus, pay attention to the composition of vitamin complexes, not to exceed the daily dose.