causes of hirsutism

When hirsutism rough stem hair beginning to grow in androgenozavisimyh zones.The most common causes of whisker girls associated with hyperandrogenism, hereditary, idiopathic form of androgen excess or side effects of certain medicines.

Hyperandrogenism occurs when increased production of male hormones.The reason may be a disorder of the ovaries, benign tumors, adrenal disorder.

Genetic hirsutism develops as a result of chromosomal features.In this form of excessive hairiness will be a mother, grandmother, daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter.Terminal hair cover androgenozavisimye zone.

cause of whiskers girls can serve as a medication, which cause side effects such as excessive levels of androgens.These d
rugs include anabolic steroids, progestins, androgens, interferons, cyclosporins, as well as "Streptomycin" "Tacrolimus", "Karbomazepin" "minoxidil" Diazoxide ".

in idiopathic hirsutism cause remains undetected.Increased sensitivity of the receptors of the skin and hair follicles to androgens provoke the slightest amount of thermal growth of hair on the face and body of a girl.

antennae addition, there may be other symptoms of hirsutism: Acne, excessive greasiness of the skin, menstrual disorder, infertility.As the disease progresses develop clear signs of virilization.The girl gets rough voice, increases muscle mass, decrease breasts, there is a strong sex drive, changes the localization of body fat of male type.

as a girl to get rid of the mustache

Modern methods of hair removal will help to solve the cosmetic problem.But this is not enough.The gynecologist-endocrinologist referral for examination and on the basis of its results prescribe effective treatment.Since hirsutism is a consequence of serious pathologies for treatment can be employed various methods.The first step is to normalize the function of the ovaries and adrenal glands, eliminate medical factor hirsutism.To reduce the level of androgens prescribe oral contraceptives, "Diana", "Janine" spirinolaktony "Veroshpiron."Contraindications for antiandrogenic treatment is pregnancy and lactation.