drug "furazolidone" should be used after meal with water medicine.The tablets should be swallowed whole, do not crush.The duration of treatment and dosage is determined by the type and degree of complexity of the disease and age of the patient.
When paratyphoid, dysentery and food poisoning adults need to take 100-150 mg "furazolidone" 4 times a day.Treatment should be done within 5-10 days.Also, when these diseases means you can take courses for 3-6 days, making the intervals between 3-4 days.
the treatment of giardiasis adults found the drug 4 times a day, a single dose is 100 mg.The duration of treatment should be determined individually.When Trichomonas urethritis drug taking as 100 mg 4 times daily course of 3 days.
Children's daily dosage "furazolidone" is determined by the rate o
f 10 mg / kg body weight.The specified amount of drug needed to give the child 3-4 times.Treatment should be under medical supervision.
drug "furazolidone" should not take more than 10 days in a row.It is important to bear in mind that the maximum daily dose of the drug for adults is 800 mg, and single - 200 mg.Use in large quantities is prohibited because of the possibility of liver toxicity.
During treatment "furazolidone" may appear side effects, the most frequent - nausea, vomiting, pain in the stomach and intestines.Also, allergic reactions as rash, urticaria, angioedema, pruritus.Prolonged treatment does not exclude the emergence of breath, neurotoxic reactions.