Properties drug

Under the influence of the components of the drug is relaxation of smooth muscles of the biliary tract.However, the tone of the gall bladder."Holosas" increases the cholates and reduces the viscosity bile, which activates its outflow.The drug has a stimulating effect on other internal organs.Including "Holosas" increases peristalsis, stimulates the secretion of the pancreas, has a diuretic effect.Drug contained in the composition components, in particular vitamin C have a restorative effect on the body, enhance immunity, eliminate inflammation.


drug "Holosas" is indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis, accompanied by violation of the outflow of bile, as well as nekalkuleznogo (bezkamennogo) chronic cholecystitis.Additionally the drug is used to treat infections acc
ompanied by inflammation of the bile ducts (cholangitis).In the combined therapy "Holosas" may be appointed for metabolic disorders, lowered immunity, hypovitaminosis C and E, as well as alcohol intoxication.

Instructions for use

Syrup "Holosas" should be taken before meals, for about half an hour.Adults appoint 1 h. Spoon drug 3-4 times a day.Children taking the drug should be 2-3 times a day.Single dose for children 3-12 years of age is 1/4 tsp., Children over 12 years - 1/2 tsp. Of syrup.The duration of treatment "holosas" depends on the severity of the disease and is set by your doctor.


The drug is made from natural ingredients.However, the drug has a number of contraindications.In particular, it should not take "Holosas" with calculous cholecystitis, as this may cause a sudden movement of stones.It is also not recommended to take the drug at the blockage and obstruction of the bile ducts.As part of the syrup "Holosas" contains sugar, which should be considered when assigning prepparata diabetics.

Pregnant and lactating women use the drug only on the grounds and under the supervision of a physician.Children under 3 years of receiving "holosas" contraindicated.Treatment "holosas" usually takes place without the side effects.In rare cases, while taking the drug may be flatulence, which runs independently.