Tip 1: Where the test AIDS vaccine

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) - a terrible disease that develops in patients with HIV infection.AIDS is characterized by a decrease in the number of lymphocytes, multiple infections, tumor diseases.AIDS vaccine developed in many countries, but the doctors have not yet found the perfect solution to this problem.

scientific community recognized that the most effective in combating the disease can bring is a vaccine that prevents infection.Ideally, the drug should both prevent the emergence of new patients, and completely remove the virus from the body in people who are already ill.

Quite successfully tested a vaccine AIDSVAX, conducted in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Thailand and Puerto Rico.His vaccine experienced an American company, and currently this drug is considered one of the most promising.The essence of its operation is the production of antibodies to the protein with which the virus enters the cells.

The same idea of ​​developing in the French city of Grenob
le.Research conducted on the immune system of volunteers - both patients and healthy people.Preliminary results are very encouraging scientists.

Russia also tested HIV vaccine.They already turned in three cities - St. Petersburg, Moscow and Novosibirsk.The drug is called "KombiVIChvak" and have successfully passed the tests on monkeys.Now scientists have to try the vaccine on volunteers, after which it will be possible to talk about the effectiveness of the medication.At this point in the experiment involving people living with HIV-infected patients.

Another vaccine, studied in Russia - a "VICHREPOL."Created by the Institute of Immunology, this drug has the potential not only to help prevent infection for healthy people, but also to improve the quality of life of HIV-infected individuals by reducing their need for antiretroviral drugs.

In mid-2012, Cuba also will test its vaccine against AIDS.Drug called TERAVAC-VIH-1 will be tested on 30 volunteers who are at latter stages of the disease.Animal studies have yielded positive results, so doctors are hoping for the best.

Tip 2: Where was established vaccine against cocaine addiction

messages to create a "drug drug" appear in the media quite regularly for several decades, but the bottom line, which would have hadpublic access is not yet available.The latest on the establishment of a vaccine against cocaine addiction researchers reported one of the institutions of Florida.
Where there was a vaccine for cocaine dependence

«Scripps» (The Scripps Research Institute) is engaged in research in the field of biomedical technology, and the group working in it of scientists led by Kim Janda (Kim Janda) deals with adeno-associated virus.It is believed that this weak virus can infect a person without causing him any disease, but only a weak initiating an immune response.Moreover, like most viruses, it embeds its genome into the infected cell.These characteristics have long been used in studies on genetic engineering.

Previously, Kim Janda and his colleagues have already experienced animal drug that is based on a protein that can block the flow of heroin into the brain.With the use of the adeno-associated virus, they tried to modify the cells in such a way that they become permanently produce antibodies in the blood that provide such blockage.As published on the website of the US journal Human Gene Therapy data they succeeded.

Earlier this year, a patent for the same vaccine, scientists have received from the "National Institute of Psychiatry.Ramon de Fuente "in the Mexican capital (Mexico City).They also conducted animal studies and have begun to test the vaccine in humans.In Mexico, it believes that the market for this drug is to appear in the next five years.

Previously, the creation of a similar vaccine reported to the Spanish explorers.In 2009, in the framework of the "National Plan on Drugs" in the country have begun clinical trials of a vaccine against cocaine addiction.The press reported the recruitment of 170 volunteers in 10 hospitals in Spain.Then it was not about the prevention of drug abuse and the use of vaccines to patients clinics are already addicted to drugs.

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