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reception these drugs can reduce the negative effect on the liver and bile duct various toxins, including alcohol, decay products of food poisoning, lesions of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.Moreover, hepatic facilitates reception and processing of the full neutralization of harmful substances, recovery of the affected liver cells and their replacement by normal tissue.
Hepatoprotectors divided into several main groups: preparations based on medicinal plants, animal origin, on the basis of essential phospholipids.When selecting hepatoprotector doctor must assess the totality of all the factors, the conditions and choose the most effective drug.
Effective hepatoprotectors plant origin, among which are the drugs "Livomap" "Gepalayt" and Liv-52, which is used in official medicine since the middle of last century.All these drugs have a cleansing and choleretic action, protect the liver from oxidative processes and helps to quickly bring the body decay products.In most cases these preparations are recommended for the prevention of liver injury.The course of treatment is 3-4 weeks.It should be taken twice a day for two tablets of one of these hepatic.
following popular drugs - hepatoprotectors based thistle plant.These include "Gepabene" "Silimar" "Sibektan".Milk thistle has a strong anti-oxidant, cholagogue, antispasmodic, stimulates the synthesis of liver cells.
These drugs are prescribed in the acute phase of the food or drug poisoning, for the withdrawal of drinking bouts, with hangover.The course of treatment should be at least a month to 2 tablets 3 times a day.For the prevention of liver disease should be carried out courses of these drugs twice a year - spring and fall.Disadvantages of drugs on the basis of milk thistle include high frequency of allergic reactions to their components.This is sure to keep in mind when the doctor makes the appointment.
Preparations based on essential phospholipids is also highly effective.Phospholipids are involved in cellular processes, stimulate the activity of enzyme systems, protect liver cells from the negative effects of alcohol, restore the affected cells of the liver, even with heavy defeats - with hepatitis C, steatosis, improve the condition of the patient with cirrhosis of the liver.In Russia, this is the most common type of hepatoprotective drugs.Admission hepatoprotectors this group is similar to all other formulations for the restoration of the liver.