Symptoms of inflammation of the knee joint

main symptom of inflammation of the knee is pain that can develop gradually or abruptly appear without any apparent reason.Also, there is stiffness, hampered flexion and extension legs.In the knee there is a noticeable swelling.

pain in inflammation of the knee joint is particularly strong after a long stay in the same position and in the morning immediately after waking.It can be enhanced while raising the stairs or a casual walk.Some patients with knee pain becomes more intense during sudden weather changes.

Treating inflammation of the knee joint

the treatment of inflammation is necessary to provide the affected joint peace.Avoid strenuous exercise, and during remission deal only with gentle sports (swimming, cycling).

If the disease is mild, non-invasive method of treatment.It comprises of rehabilitation exercises and the use of special orthopedic appliances, which provide the immobility of the affected joint.
to eliminate inflammation and pain used NSAIDs.Anticoagulant therapy is also necessary in the form of gels, ointments and creams.They enhance microcirculation in the affected area, resulting in inflammatory exudates absorbed and passes swelling.If the inflammation is complicated by infection, antibiotics are prescribed in the form of tablets or injection.

Anti-inflammatory drugs and the means to improve circulation only eliminate the symptoms of acute inflammation of the knee joint, but not eliminate the disease.Therefore, moderate and severe inflammation when struck by cartilage, the only effective means are chondroprotectors - drugs that slow down the destruction of the cartilage of the knee joint and contributes to its faster recovery.The course of treatment chondroprotective agents can range from a few months to 1-2 years.

When expressed degenerative changes in the cartilage of the knee the most effective way of getting rid of the disease is considered to prosthetics.After surgery, the patient is completely gets rid of the pain, and eventually restores mobility.