law is harsh

After a few years ago stricter "rules in the dispensing pharmacy organizations," Russian Ministry of Health began to struggle with a long tradition of self-treatment.While antibiotics and hormonal agents were easy to buy, pharmacists could spread the samples on display and even to advise customers, such as birth control pills. The pharmacist has the right to sell without a prescription only barrier contraception.If he sells pills without a prescription, it is breaking the law. As a result, without reference to the doctor Many people take that a specialist would not prescribe based on their symptoms and contraindications.Moreover, some first OTC drugs allowed to get in the processing of cheap drugs or exposed to the body like a drug in its

now the law prohibits the sale of said assets without a prescription, and then advertise them makes no sense.Therefore, pharmacy booths have disappeared not only samples of these drugs, but with booklets and leaflets that urged in their favor.

Why do you need a doctor?

control pills affect the hormones of the female body by blocking ovulation.That's why to choose them yourself is dangerous.Only a gynecologist-endocrinologist has the right to assess the results of analyzes of the patient and prescribe the right pills. Besides medical examination, it is important to make a pelvic ultrasound, and breast, blood chemistry, coagulation, onkotsitologichesky smear.In some cases - kolkoskopiyu. and in different age your doctor may prescribe one and the same woman pills with a different composition.Young nulliparous girls - micro- and nazkodozirovannye preparations ladies aged or having children - the medium- and low-dose progestin or funds.The choice of the expert and smoking affects the patient, and the condition of her internal organs.Even among the same dosage of pills, it is important to determine the manufacturer - this often depends on their effectiveness.And if the woman will try to appoint a control on their own and find a pharmacy in which they agree to sell without a prescription, there is a high probability of damage to health.

consequences of risk

Incorrect independent choice of contraceptives a woman's body reacts to the drug.Some side effects are as addiction to pills.But other signals about the problems in the internal organs.And the more they occur, the more dangerous the consequences might be.

Not suitable hormonal contraceptives can cause nausea and vomiting, intermenstrual bleeding, pain in the head and breasts, irritability and depression, hair loss, changes in the fat content of the skin.And in the most severe cases - a strong weight gain, lack of menstruation, migraine, syncope, high blood pressure, itching, malfunction of perception.

Thus, strict trading conditions contraceptives protect health, and sometimes the lives of many women.