About illness

Hemorrhoids - a disease of the veins of the rectum.Due to sedentary work, stress, poor condition of the vessels in the leg veins of the rectum begins to stagnate blood.Venous valves weaken and veins dilate, creating hemorrhoids.When an internal hemorrhoid patient may disturb constipation and discomfort in the rectum.But if you go outside hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids is formed, then the problems with defecation joins inflammation, irritation, itching and bleeding units.

Types of drugs

If the disease has arisen recently and treatment is initiated in a timely manner, then the conservative measures to stop it.Surgical treatment is used in severe cases and appointed strictly individually.

for the treatment of hemorrhoids proctologist appoint a local treatment and systemic effects of drugs.

Local treatment

Local medications include candles, ointments, gels, lotions and bath.

candles are considered the most effective method of local therapy.They are very easy to use, as the melt and release the active ingredient is an active start at body temperature.Properly chosen suppositories have only a local effect, but if the doctor deems it necessary, he may appoint combined candles that have both local and systemic activity.

Modern suppositories, for example, Relief and Proctosedyl, relieve itching, perianal area, reduce swelling and pain of hemorrhoids, reduce inflammation.

ointments and gels have a very local impact.They are used for external hemorrhoids and the area around the anus.

Hemorrhoids Ointment is used heparin and its analogs, to prevent the formation of blood clots in the advanced nodes, improve local blood circulation and accelerate the healing of wounds and fractures.

Baths and lotions - a traditional medicine.They are used in cases where assets are impractical to use traditional medicine.Thus, they are used for elderly debilitated patients and pregnant women.

System drugs

Systemic drugs include tablets, capsules and drops, which are used inside.Unlike drugs for local treatment, they are active throughout the body.

most common medications for oral hemorrhoids are venotoniki.The weakness of the hemorrhoidal veins means that the veins throughout the body are affected.Even the hemorrhoids often occurs against a background of varicose veins of legs.Therefore venotoniki designed to support the walls of blood vessels in good shape, so they cope with the daily stress and expanded.

also systemic drugs include painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication.If the pain is strongly expressed and the local pain therapy does not help, proctologist may prescribe ibuprofen tablets or ketorol.

As for constipation aggravate hemorrhoids, probably in the list of your appointments will be, and laxatives.In the case of them need to be very careful and to adhere strictly to doctor's appointments, then that too frequent defecation causes hair loss and irritation of hemorrhoids, why they can become inflamed.

Despite the seeming awkwardness, do not put off a visit to the doctor.Proctologist will pick up for you an effective treatment that quickly relieves aggravation.Also, it will give you advice on lifestyle, observing that you can forget about hemorrhoids.