«Mezim": indications for use

Doctors prescribe "Mezim Forte" for people suffering from chronic diseases of the digestive system and in cases of insufficient active work of the pancreas.Contraindication outlined in the instructions for use, is only pancreatitis, including acute and chronic, and sensitivity to the components.But, because this drug is sold without a prescription and aggressively marketed as a means to help to relieve heaviness in the stomach and improve digestion, it is often consumed without consulting a physician with overeating and other bad eating habits.Of course, such an uncontrolled use "mezim" during pregnancy many regard as a crime against the unborn child, but is it really dangerous? «Mezim" taken during a meal.Manufacturers recommend a third dose at the beginning of use and the rest - in the process of eating.

composition "mezim»

Tablet "mezim" consists of the active substance pancreatin and auxiliary lactose, cellulose, silica, magnesium stearate, and others.A full list of the components can be found in the instructions for use.Pancreatin is a porcine pancreatic pulverized.Because the body of these animals in many ways similar to a human, it is their bodies are used to produce medicines containing enzymes.By themselves the components in a limited dosage do not represent a real threat to the mother's body and the child either during pregnancy or after, when a woman begins to nurse. Adverse action "Mezim Forte" is not revealed, but in very rare cases, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, pain in the stomach area.

«Mezim" Pregnancy

Pregnant women often suffer from heartburn, pain in the stomach, flatulence, so the temptation to take the saving pill is very high.As for the "mezim" all of its components are not harmful to the fetus at any stage, in addition, the active substance is released into the blood, respectively, can not harm the child.However, because of extensive studies of side effects of the drug "Mezim Forte" during pregnancy and lactation has not been, manufacturers are limited to a vague phrase that it can be used if the positive effects of treatment exceeds potential risk for the baby.

alternative medicinal product

Alternatively use "Mezim Forte", as well as other drugs that promote digestion, such as "Linex", "Enterosgel" and other, during pregnancy can only offer two tools.First, you need to properly and eat well, to comply with the appropriate diet.And, secondly, we should as much as possible to walk, walk, that is to give up sedentary lifestyle and move more.Perhaps this will help not to feel guilty before the baby because my mother drinks a tablet as soon as she starts something sick.