What is "Mydocalm" and what effects it has

Recently, doctors often prescribe a drug become "Mydocalm."This tool belongs to the newest class of pharmacological agents that relieve pain.

main active substance "Mydocalm" is tolperisone, which stabilizes the membranes of neurons, while having a relaxing effect on the muscle fibers and nerve endings.Its structure is not related to the drug nesteroydnym anti-inflammatory agent, but has a sufficiently strong analgesic properties and therefore widely used in the treatment of diseases associated with muscular spasm of muscles.

Typically, the drug is used in various fields of medicine.It is used in preparation for surgical intervention, with muscular hypertonicity, post-thrombotic disorders lymphodynamics and even in the treatment of pediatric disease Little.

Application "Mydocalm»

«Mydocalm" comes in the form of tablets and solution for injection.The scheme of definitely diagnosed by a doctor depending on the severity of the disease and the patient's general condition.Usually "Mydocalm" prescribed in tablet form for outpatient treatment of patients in dosages ranging from 50 mg and gradually increasing to about 150 mg twice a day.A particular advantage of this product is the ability of the children from one year.

injectable form as used in rather severe cases that require urgent impact.For example, when expressed pain syndrome or convulsions.However, we should remember that despite the injectable route of administration, the effect of the drug will begin no earlier than 20 minutes after the injection.

Usually, intramuscular injections are made in the buttock of 1 ml twice a day.This input allows the drug to prolong the therapeutic effects of other drugs.Probably and intravenous "Mydocalm."This effect will be achieved much more quickly, but the length of his fall and does not exceed two hours.

During his stay on the pharmaceutical market, the drug gets different reviews.In most cases, it pointed out that "Mydocalm" is one of the strongest analgesics.However, the known and the complete absence of any effect.