Indications "Ursofalk»

main active component "Ursofalk" is ursodeoxycholic acid.The drug is released in the form of capsules and suspensions.Adults' Ursofalk "indicated for the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis in a compensated state in biliary reflux gastritis in the complex treatment of biliary dyskinesia, cystic fibrosis, as well as the dissolution of cholesterol gallstones, while in the case of parenteral nutrition cholestasis.It may appoint as prevention of colon cancer.Newborn suspension "Ursofalk" is used in jaundice as a means of lowering blood levels of indirect bilirubin.

How to take "Ursofalk»

dose and duration of treatment is determined by the physician individually in each case.The recommended daily amount for newborns is 40 mg per 1 kg
of body weight, give medicine 1 time a day (at night).The medicine is used until jaundice disappears.

Adults should take the medicine 1 time a day (at night).The capsule is swallowed with water.The daily dose will depend on the body weight, it is 10 mg per 1 kg.The suspension "Ursofalk" prescribed to patients weighing less than 34 kg and children up to 3 years, as well as difficulty in swallowing capsules.The duration of "Urosofalka" ranges from several months to 2 years (without interruption).

Before the start of the drug to dissolve gallstones doctor should make sure that they are cholesterol.The duration of the dissolution of stones in cholelithiasis may be from 6 to 24 months.If after a year of receiving the drug were observed positive dynamics, drug overturned because further treatment is not appropriate.When reflux esophagitis, and biliary reflux gastritis treatment lasts 10-14 days.For treatment of cystic fibrosis drug is administered in a daily dose of 20-30 mg per 1 kg, primary biliary cirrhosis - 15-20 mg per 1 kg.

Features of "Ursofalk»

In order to monitor the effectiveness of therapy 1 every six months should be held X-ray, ultrasound of the liver and biliary tract.Do not use "Ursofalk" together with the means of lowering cholesterol levels in the bile (estrogens, "Clofibrate" and others.).Antacids impair the process of absorption of the drug."Ursofalk" may cause the following side effects: diarrhea, allergic reactions, abdominal discomfort, calcination gallstones.Analogues "Ursofalk" are: "Urdoksa", "Ursosan", "Ursodez."