There is no single amount of anesthesia required for all patients.The amount of anesthetic is calculated according to the type of procedure being performed, the time of the operation, as well as the physical condition of the person.The introduction of a medical device made after considering such factors as age, weight, sex, drugs taken to treat the disease and available.Before the appointment of anesthesia doctor is obliged to examine the pressure, breathing, oxygen levels, heart rate and heart rate.Some diseases that may exist in the patient precludes the use of anesthesia.
usual dosage for operations in a patient may vary depending on the type of medication.For example, sodium teopental
can be discharged at 3-5 mg per kg of patient weight.It is prohibited to use the tool in the presence of porphyria, or allergy to barbiturates.It is undesirable to the appointment of the anesthetic in the presence of asthma or hypertension, shock, because the drug can cause heart failure or breathing."Propofol" is applied to 2 mg per kg of body weight to achieve the desired effect of anesthesia, then administered 100-200 mg per kg body weight per minute for maintaining the state.Similar differences have tools such as "Dexmedetomidine", "Ketamine," "Fentanyl", etc.
For patients older than 60 years of riding the dosage can be reduced by 75% or more.People who weigh more than 91 kg, can receive the same amount of drug as a weight of 90 kg.Certain anesthetics can be used in combination with other drugs.In addition, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory analgesic agent to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
during prolonged operations to achieve the desired result is possible to use the dropper.If the procedure will take several hours, appointed analgesics complex having a strong and long sedation.Selected anesthetic must be replaced if the patient has an allergy to it.
in pediatrics in most cases local anesthesia.The drug may be administered in much lower doses than adults.Instead of intravenous anesthetic agents in children is often carried out gas anesthesia, which gives a quick and safe effect.Nevertheless, the need for injections may be considered in certain cases when indicated.