Instructions for Use "Pentalgin»

into "Pentalgin" includes the following active ingredients: naproxen, drotaverine, paracetamol, caffeine, pheniramine.Naproxen is a nonsteroidal drug, it has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effect.Drotaverine acts on the smooth muscle of the gastrointestinal tract, biliary tract and urogenital system.Paracetamol has analgesic and antipyretic effect.Caffeine tones the brain vessels, dilates the blood vessels of the heart, helps eliminate sleepiness.Pheniramine shows a slight sedative and antispasmodic action, enhances the analgesic effect of naproxen and paracetamol.

«Pentalgin" prescribed for pain syndrome that was caused by a spasm of smooth muscles in chronic cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, renal colic.The drug is used for colds accompanied by fever, with pain syndrome of various origin (headac
he, sciatica, pain in muscles and joints, neuralgia, toothache)."Pentalgin" may appoint cancer.

«Pentalgin" is taken orally one tablet.The daily amount of drug should not exceed four tablets.Duration of reception depends on the symptoms.As an analgesic "Pentalgin" take up to five days as an antipyretic - within three days.If during administration of the drug was no improvement, contact your doctor to confirm the diagnosis. drug may appoint at postoperative and post-traumatic pain.

Contraindications to the appointment of "Pentalgin»

drug is not indicated in patients with erosive and ulcerative lesions of the gastrointestinal tract in the acute stage, the combination of asthma, nasal polyposis, and paranasal sinuses on the background of intolerance to aspirin or other nonsteroidal drugs in renaland liver failure in severe, after coronary artery bypass surgery, tachycardia, severe arterial hypertension, gastrointestinal bleeding, liver failure, children and adolescents under the age of eighteen, in pregnancy and during breastfeeding (lactation). When side effects to stop taking "Pentalgin" and seek medical advice.

Side effects "Pentalgin»

On reviews "Pentalgin" well tolerated.However, in some cases, may cause the following side effects: hives, skin rash, pruritus, agitation, increased reflexes, anxiety, headaches, poor concentration, sleep disturbances, dizziness.It may develop renal failure and liver damage, nausea, vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain, hearing loss, arrhythmia, high blood pressure, palpitations.In more detail the side effects are described in the annotations to the drug.