discovery of antibiotics was a breakthrough medicine of the 20th century, as the use of funds penicillin group helped win many dangerous diseases, as well asreduce the risk of sepsis in the case of injuries of varying severity.Since the discovery of penicillin, capable of suppressing life and many species of pathogenic bacteria, a host of newer antibiotic agents, some of which have a wide range of actions, others - aimed at combating certain type of bacteria.Antibiotics for all time of its existence helped to save not one human life.In some cases, antibiotics - it is the only way to help the body get rid of bacteria attacking it, but still the use of such means of combating microorganisms has its drawbacks.
Antibiotics - this is not the most innocuous medication
s, so they should be used only under medical supervision.Damage from the use of antibiotics can be both direct and delayed.Taking antibiotics in most cases provokes strong dysbiosis.The fact is that antibiotics kill not only harmful organisms but also useful, in particular those involved in the process of digestion.In addition, antibiotics negatively affects the liver and kidneys, as all antibiotic drugs are poison directional, so the long-term course of receiving such funds agencies that serve to cleanse the body of toxins to experience excessive load.
Besides the obvious harm to humans, there are less obvious long-term effects of frequent use of antibiotics.Scientists have noticed that after the advent of antibiotics and the beginning of their wide distribution began to appear more and more mutated species of viruses and bacteria.For example, Staphylococcus aureus, which was previously treated for broad-spectrum antibiotics, has now acquired a certain stability.This is not an isolated example, since the acquisition of immunity to drugs observed in many disease-causing bacteria and viruses, which leads to the fact that every year a person becoming ill from a disease, it is necessary to acquire more powerful drugs.In addition, antibiotics reduce the natural immunity of a man who literally "forgets" to fight the infection without doping in the form of tablets.