For whom "400 Mig" could be saving

drug effectively removes the usual headache, and it kind of hard - a migraine.It is valuable, it is a non-narcotic analgesic or addictive.

«Mig 400" and relieves toothache.Its action, like all drugs, individually, and pain is pain - discord.Usually from one pain pill 10-20 minutes it disappears for six or seven hours.But if his cheek was swollen from the flux, it is unlikely to help, and a handful of any painkillers.

significant relief "400 Mig" could bring those who exasperate excruciating pain due to intercostal neuralgia, an inflammation of the trigeminal, sciatic or occipital nerves, herniated disks, neuralgia after suffering shingles.

It is known that chronic muscle, joint pain, not only cause suffering but also limit the
ability to work, often doomed to a disability."400 Mig" helps to significantly improve the quality of life of these patients.

discomfort, malaise during menstruation, unfortunately, inevitable.But according medstatistiki besides that every other woman is experiencing severe pain.Many drugs brings considerable relief.

Finally, it is well known as a fever with severe flu, a bad cold."400 Mig" removes these states particularly successful, because most active ibuprofen for pain, which are caused by various inflammations.

with great caution must take medication the elderly, hypertensive patients with cirrhosis of the liver, blood diseases.

Unfortunately, the drug a "bouquet" of side effects.All of them are detailed in the instructions.However, do not be afraid, pharmaceutical companies are required to indicate even a single case per one hundred thousand patients.The most likely side effects are high blood pressure, constipation, shortness of breath, dizziness, kidney failure, allergic reactions.

avoid unwanted complications makes strict adherence to dosage.Adults and children over 12 years of age are usually appoint half or the whole tablet 3-4 times daily after meals.And each additional tablet can drink just after 6:00, not before.

In chronic, complicated diseases of the stomach, intestines, heart, liver, kidneys, it makes sense to take "400 Mig" in minimal doses, controlling the diseased organs and the blood.It is undesirable to treat them for more than 4 days.The maximum rate of treatment - 7 days.

In the event of gastrointestinal bleeding, bronchospasm, deterioration of the drug should be lifted immediately.

Ibuprofen is incompatible with many medications, especially aspirin.The action of some medications, it enhances the effect of other weakens, for example, drugs of pressure.Prior to receiving "400 Mig" should carefully read the instructions in this list.Because sometimes patients reduced concentration, there is an easy distraction, best to avoid work and employment under which needed increased concentration, quick reaction.

This "400 Mig" contraindicated

classical "aspirin triad" - a combination of the patient's asthma, nasal polyps and aspirin intolerance.

Although this drug and OTC, to remove the pain they can not be uniquely with any bleeding, ulcers of the stomach and intestines in the acute stage, violations of the optic nerve, "aspirin triad."The drug is contraindicated in pregnant women and nursing mothers, since there are no studies on the safety of ibuprofen for the female body during pregnancy and lactation.

Giving "400 Mig" children according to the instructions, can only be 12 years old.However, in practice pediatricians commonly prescribed drugs ibuprofen and young patients under that age.