Indications "sulfadimetoksin»

«Sulfadimetoksin" is used in infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by microorganisms sensitive to it.It is prescribed for the treatment of sore throat, otitis media, dysentery, erysipelas, trachoma, sinusitis.The drug is used in bronchitis, inflammatory diseases of the urinary and biliary tract, wound infections.Other indications for "sulfadimetoksin" are:
purulent infections, sepsis, infectious intestinal diseases (enterocolitis, dysentery, etc.), Purulent diseases of the biliary tract.

Also it is used in infectious eczema, urinary tract infections (gonorrhea, and others.), Skin diseases (furunculosis, erysipelas skin, pyoderma, inflammation of the sebaceous glands), inflammation of the central nervous system, trachoma, malaria (in combination with antimalarial drugs).Analogues "sulfadimetoksin" are: "Sulfalen", "Sulfapiridazin", "Sulfalen-meglumine."

How to apply "Sulfadimetoksin»

«Sulfadimetoksin" the first day of therapy, adults should take 1 g, children give the drug at the rate of 25 mg per 1 kg of body weight.During the following days, the dose is reduced to 2 times.Medicine drink 1 time per day.In severe forms of the disease at the same time "sulfadimetoksin" prescribed "Erythromycin", "Penicillin" and some others.Means effective in treatment duration of 7 to 10 days.After the body temperature normalized, the supporting means receives another dose for three days.

When infectious eczema, abrasions, acne on the take of 0.5-1.0 g per day.The course of treatment is from 7 to 30 days.For the treatment of trachoma in the first day taken orally 1-2 g "sulfadimetoksin" and then 1 times a day drink 0.5 g for 10 days.Simultaneously, the patient eye instilled 10% solution of the drug, 2-3 drops 3-4 times daily.

Note that while the application "Sulfadimetoksin" reduces the therapeutic effect of bactericidal antibiotics.Antimicrobial effect "sulfadimetoksin" lower: p-aminosalicylic acid, barbiturates, "procaine", "Benzocaine", "Tetracaine."In the course of therapy need regular blood tests.

contraindications, side effects "sulfadimetoksin»

«Sulfadimetoksin" is contraindicated in porphyry, inhibition of bone marrow hematopoiesis, congestive heart failure, hepatic and renal failure, azotemia, during pregnancy and lactation, lack of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, hypersensitivitymeans components.The drug can cause unwanted side effects: headache, cholestatic hepatitis, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, nausea, drug fever, skin rashes, leukopenia, agranulocytosis.