Cheap analogues medications

Many advertised and expensive drugs are often cheaper analogues made sometimes even by Soviet-tested recipes for years.A sample list is presented in the table attached to the article.

analogs have the same composition, and subject to the same proportions of components as the more expensive drug.Thus theoretically it can be used with equal beneficial effect for health.

Such a process, of course, has the right to exist, however, is always to comply with some caution and apply a similar replacement only if you believe in it surely justified.

Also, you should know at least the treating physician, the manufacturer of a cheaper substitute (even if it was a foreign company) uses high quality raw materials, and that because there is a therapeutic composition of the medicine
in the right amount, and impurities do not exceed the permissible level.

should also take into account that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the subsequent destruction of the domestic industry, including pharmaceutical, real life can often be faced with the fact that the cheap (especially due to the absence of customs duties) Russian analogues recommend you drugs (even very common) simply does not exist.

Search for the lowest price

However, this is not the only way to buy cheap medicines.For example, you can look for the cheapest prices in the pharmacies of your city using a variety of Internet services.

One good reference books nationwide - basis of the site is an information base provided to project participants (pharmacies), searchable by name drugs and pharmaceutical products.Data is updated on a daily basis by the project participants. In a market economy, and at the present stage of development of civilization is technically impossible to always obtain prices of pharmacies from all Russian cities.

Currently, however, in RuNet yet there is no single service, which is compared to the prices in all cities of Russia - as long as it remains very difficult to achieve technically and overhead.Therefore, most of these online guides designed specifically for certain very small region.Unfortunately, their number is impossible to describe under the article, so you have to find them yourself in your favorite search engine, such as on-demand "drug prices in (name of your city or region)."


Small pharmacies can even recommend certain actions (or justifying it in the guest book, or the administration of the pharmacy in person).As a rule, small private firms listen to good advice is better than someone else.

Thanks to a market economy, many pharmacies in the struggle for a greater number of consumers, offer a constant (or certain conditions are met) customers discounts and discount cards.If you are a frequent purchaser of drugs, it makes sense to ask in pharmacies on current promotions, so that in the future to the benefit of the purse to use them.