¬ęCefazolin" indicated for the treatment of pneumonia, wound, burn infections, empyema, lung abscess, peritonitis, osteomyelitis, endocarditis, infectious and inflammatory processes in the urinary tract, soft tissue infections, skin, bones and joints the machine, as well as for the prevention of postoperative complications.The drug is contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the cephalosporins, during pregnancy and lactation, in children less than one month.With prolonged use of the drug can cause vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, tachycardia, and allergic reactions.In rare cases, prolonged use "cefazolin" observed renal dysfunction, hemolytic disorders.
¬ęCefazolin" administered intravenously (bolus or infusion), as well as intramuscularly.Immediately prior to intramuscular injection of the contents of the vial must be diluted with 5 ml of sterile wat
er or sodium chloride solution.Prick make deep into the muscle tissue.Before intravenous bolus injection of a single dose of the drug should be diluted 8-10 th ml of sodium chloride solution.The drug is injected very slowly (4-5 minutes).For intravenous drip 500-1000 mg antibiotic diluted isotonic sodium chloride solution or 5% glucose solution (150-250 ml).In this case, "Cefazolin" should be added within 30 minutes at a rate of 65-80 drops per minute.The daily amount of the drug for adults may be 1000-4000 mg, it depends on the severity of the disease and its course.When infectious and inflammatory diseases caused by Gram-positive microorganisms, "cefazolin" appoint 250-500 mg every 8 hours.
for the treatment of infectious respiratory diseases caused by pneumococcus, as well as infectious and inflammatory processes in the system used by mochevyvedeniya 500-1000 mg of the drug every 12 hours.When infections caused by gram-negative bacteria on the drug prescribed 500-1000 mg every 7-8ch.In cases of severe infections (necrotizing pneumonia, peritonitis, endocarditis, septicemia, urinary tract infection, acute stage of osteomyelitis) daily dose "cefazolin" increase to the maximum - 600 mg.The interval between injections must be 6-8ch.In children over months drug is used in an amount of 20-50 mg per 1 kg of body weight per day (in divided doses) and with very severe disease - 100 mg / kg.