body of a pregnant woman in dire need of iodine.Food does not make up for the deficit, since iodine decays rapidly, iodized salt due to incorrect storage and use is useless, and after months of frozen seafood contain a minimum efficiency of iodine.Marine fish grown in artificial conditions, rich in iodine no more than crucian carp from the nearest lake.So one way out ─ tabletirvoanny drinking iodine.
«Jodomarin" is the most popular iodine-containing drug.It is available in different dosages tested clinically, the doctor can easily vary the amount of incoming and absorb iodine.Pregnant appoint "Jodomarin 200" at a
dosage of 200 micrograms.Therefore it is better to buy pills "Jodomarin 200".If you have children at home who are already used to taking iodine alone, and children older than 12 years may be involved in the care of their own health, it is better to adjust to them and drink two tablets "Jodomarin 100".
Take the drug the morning after breakfast.The tablets are very small, almost no taste.they need to drink water and stay for a while in a vertical position.If in the morning a pregnant vomiting often happens, it is better to take the tablet at any time.If vomiting occurred within half an hour after taking the "jodomarin" it is better to take it again as soon as the state of health will improve.
Overdose "jodomarin" not terrible.If there is no thyroid disease, the excess iodine is received by the body with the drug simply displayed.many pregnant against another extra pills, but unlike iodine multivitamin is vital to the normal development of the child and preserving the health of the mother.The same dose of iodine will drink the entire period of breastfeeding and a few months after the collapse of lactation.
If you are unsure whether you have contraindications, ask the doctor to prescribe a blood test for thyroid hormones and prostate ultrasound.But usually the state in which "Jodomarin" forbidden, are already known in advance, pregnancy rarely provokes their appearance.When taking a multivitamin to make sure they do not contain iodine.If there multivitamins iodine, it is necessary to supplement a daily dose of 200 micrograms, taking, for example at half or quarter pill "Jodomarin 200".
Store this medication in a dark place, or iodine loses its activity.Shelf life ─ 3 years from the date of issue, optimum storage temperature ─ 20 ° C, but not above 25 ° C.The pharmacy "Jodomarin" can be purchased without a prescription.when receiving doses terpevticheskih complications occur very rarely.