¬ęGenferon light" - an immunomodulator with antiviral activity that is used in the complex therapy of acute respiratory diseases and various infections.This drug activates the immune system, causing it to deal more effectively with pathogenic microbes and bacteria, tumor cells, eliminating the focus of infection and preventing the infection of other species of microorganisms.

Instructions for use candles

medication "Genferon light" is not a specialized children's medicine, but can be used to treat young patients.To date, produced in two dosage forms.The dosages in the form of suppositories, 125 000 and 250 000 IU in the form of a spray for nasal administration in a dose of 50 000 IU.Children younger than 7 years can be treated with a suppository "Genferon light" at a dosage of 125 000 IU, whic
h is conventionally considered the nursery.Children older than 7 years are shown candles 250,000 IU at special indications or protracted disease course.

newborn and premature children under the age of 8 months, you can insert a candle dosage of 125,000 IU in the anus twice a day.The course of treatment - 5 days.Children under the age of 8 months, a preparation 1 suppository dosage 125 000 IU three times a day for 5 days.In severe herpes infections, sepsis, cytomegalovirus, mycoplasmosis, meningitis and pneumonia, treatment can be repeated.Children Candles "Genferon light" can be administered rectally only.

In acute infections of the urinary system in children older than 7 years of therapy "Genferon light" lasts 10 days.The same applies to chronic viral inflammation of various localization.After a ten-day course is recommended to continue maintenance therapy for 1-3 months, inserting a candle in the anus in a day, once a day.

Side effects and contraindications

This drug rarely causes side effects.In rare cases, you may develop an allergy associated with itching and burning sensation in the anus.These unpleasant symptoms disappear without consequences later, three days after discontinuation of treatment.In addition, the possible loss of appetite, fever, appearance of fever, pains in muscles and joints, excessive sweating, headaches and a decrease in the total number of platelets and white blood cells.In this case, the dosage of the drug to be reduced.

Suppositories "Genferon light" contraindicated in sensitivity, intolerance and allergies to any components of the preparation.You can not take it with epilepsy, convulsive states, and severe heart disease.The drug has no effect on the nervous system.Spray "Genferon light" is not used in children.