To improve nasal breathing, you can apply a drop from a cold during pregnancy only after doctor's prescription.From the self must be abandoned.In the appointment of nose drops physician should take into account: the causes of disease;what components are contained in the medicament;whether you are hypersensitive to any components of the drug.
Some drops from the common cold is perfectly safe for both the pregnant woman and the embryo.However, such drugs also can not be taken unnecessarily and uncontrollably.In treating rhinitis drops are safe based saline, plant components or extracts of essential oils.
Release mucus from the nose and eliminate swelling during pregnancy may be using the drops based on saline solutions.However, we must remember that these drugs do not have a curative effect.These drops are only for rinsing the nasal cavity for its purification.
agent for nasal washing can prepare yourself using the juice of Kalanchoe plants or slightly salted water.Also, you can purchase medicines in pharmacies, where a wide range of sprays and drops of seawater-based "Akvalor", "Aqua Maris", "Salin" "Merimer", "Humor", "Dolphin".Although these droplets are safe, they should not be abused as long washing may cause a thinning and drying out of the nasal mucosa.
To get rid of a cold during pregnancy, you can use homeopathic drops, which are made based on natural ingredients.Such formulations are effective and safe.When instilled into the nasal passages such means have a therapeutic effect, eliminating the inflammatory process, thereby reducing the amount of mucus and improves nasal breathing.
One of the most popular means of a cold spray is "Eufobium kompozitum."The structure of this product contains natural ingredients of mineral and vegetable origin.This tool is also suitable for getting rid of the symptoms of allergic rhinitis, which often disturbs the women during pregnancy.Already after the first use of a beneficial effect occurs during the day, while it remains quite a long time.The apparent advantage of this drug is that it can be combined with various medication means without harm to the health of the expectant mother and the child.
during pregnancy can be used and nose drops "EDAS-131", which are a part of a daisy, cross the meadow, silver salt solution, calcium.Another drug that can be used to treat a cold during pregnancy - drops "Pinosol."The therapeutic effect of this is achieved through means of mint, pine, eucalyptus essential oils.Moms can use these drops no more than 1 week, and the need to adhere strictly to the specified doctor dosage.In addition, we must remember that some oils can cause allergic reactions, but because of unpleasant sensations after treatment means "Pinosol" should be discontinued.
dangerous for the body of a pregnant woman and fetus are antibacterial and vasoconstrictor drops.Action latter can spread to the blood vessels of the placenta and cause fetal circulatory disorders.In some cases, it permitted the treatment of rhinitis in pregnancy vasoconstrictive drops, but only 3 trimester.Expectant mothers should completely eliminate the use of nasal decongestants as "Nazivin", "Nazol", "Fazin" since because they contain a dangerous substance for the embryo - oksametazolin.