reasons that contribute to the development of degenerative disc disease are the curvature of the spine, incorrect posture, overweight, back injury, metabolic disorders, stress and nervous stress, inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle, infectious diseasesand others. osteochondrosis reduces the quality of life, performance, effect on blood circulation, causing pain, the cause of other serious diseases.
Early symptoms of osteochondrosis of the thoracic spine department are back muscles fatigue, discomfort in the interscapular region.In the future, there is a sharp pain in the area of ​​the affected disk, which can spread to the front of the chest.Pain syndrome increases
with physical exertion, weather changes, agitation, as well as at night.There may be pain along the intercostal nerves in the heart, which are aggravated by movement, coughing and deep breathing.Disturbed posture and gait, there is a constant tension of the muscles of the back.
Diagnosis of osteoarthritis conducted by an experienced neurologist who can identify the disease at an early stage.Additionally appointed computer (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and X-ray angiography.All of these methods allow us to determine the degree of damage, stage of development, to identify other pathological processes and to establish an accurate diagnosis.
If left untreated thoracic osteochondrosis department , then over time is the formation of abnormal movement patterns.When the treatment is assigned a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs, cardiovascular agents, analgesics and physiotherapy.Often thoracic osteochondrosis department combined with cervical or lumbar osteochondrosis.Physiotherapy treatment should be directed to the entire spinal column.
Depending on the indication for each patient individually selected and held sessions of osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, Therapeutic massage, manual therapy, acupuncture.Systematic physical therapy exercises help to strengthen the back muscles and reduce the load on the spine.In the treatment of degenerative disc disease of breast department spine also apply soft tissue manual therapy techniques, the purpose of the course firming massage, swimming is very useful to patients.
of the medicines used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease, are appointed by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents, analgesics, as well as drugs designed on the basis of chondroitin sulfate.For topical treatment using various anesthetics and warming ointments, gels and creams.The range of widely represented in the pharmaceutical market.
One of the most important areas of modern rehabilitation medicine used in the treatment of degenerative disc disease is a physiotherapy (a system of specially designed exercises at the gym).Kinesitherapy is one of the first places on the effectiveness of all the methods and techniques for the treatment of degenerative disc disease.The method allows to quickly arrest and remove a twinge;recover;reduce the size of a herniated disc;ensure effective prevention of future exacerbations.