Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation has tightened the requirements for the production and distribution of prescriptions for drugs, which is composed of narcotic or psychotropic substances.

Order establishing stricter requirements for the registration, storage and delivery of prescriptions for these drugs are also approved a new form of recipes, which will operate on the entire territory of the Russian Federation from July 1 of 2013.

spetsretseptov new form will be protected polygraphic products made on special paper.Each recipe will have a number and series.

doctor is obliged when issuing a prescription to indicate it the patient name, date of birth, number and series of the policy of compulso
ry medical insurance, as well as a written order to paint their regimen to put his signature and personal stamp.The recipe must be signed and the personal seal head physician of the medical institution issuing the prescription coat and a round seal of medical institution, received prescriptions forms of strict accountability.

The pharmacy at holiday drugs containing narcotic or psychotropic substances should be a signature of the responsible official.

on one prescription form we can write no more than 1 name of the drug.Recipe to fill blue or black paste.Errors and corrections are not allowed.

If the doctor made a mistake by writing a prescription for medicines containing narcotic or psychotropic substances, the form would have to be written off and put into the registry.Then get a new prescription form and fill it without errors and corrections.

All pharmacy chains should be notified that vacation medicines containing narcotic substances or psychotropic drugs, prescription containing corrections or errors is considered to be illegal.The person in charge, release the drug at such a document, it can be prosecuted.