reasons for loss of appetite

If you, as a future mother noticed that you have no appetite, do not panic.Experts believe this is quite normal.Try to understand the cause of the loss of appetite.Most often the culprit nausea, because of which lost the desire to eat.

Sometimes a pregnant woman the feeling of hunger may disappear in the second trimester.During this period, nausea, as a rule, is not felt, but the enlarged uterus presses on some sections of the intestine.Consequently, the digestive system slows down, and the appetite is significantly reduced.

In the third trimester of pregnancy may also decrease appetite.This is due to the pressure considerably "grown-up" baby on the stomach.Because of this, the expectant mother eats less food.

If a woman who bears a child is under stres
s, it can be loss of appetite.Also, the feeling of hunger may disappear because of the high levels of the hormone progesterone, because of him slowing down digestion.In the absence of the body of the future mother of folic acid, vitamin B9, iron or appetite may also be an abyss.These elements are very necessary for the mother, and especially for her unborn baby.To make up for the lack of iron, you need to eat two apples a day, or a portion of buckwheat.As regards folic acid, it is sold in almost every pharmacy.

How to increase your appetite?

Do not ignore the absence of hunger, especially if you are preparing to become a mother.After the baby is much needed vitamins and nutrients.In the case where a loss of appetite due to the presence of any disease - it should be treated under the guidance of a doctor.But most expectant mothers do not experience hunger for psychological reasons, and it is temporary.Therefore, there are a few tricks that help you tease the appetite.

If you waste energy, the body requires it to make up.Therefore, in order to stimulate the appetite, you can record, for example, in a section of yoga for pregnant women, or more frequently for long walks.Pamper yourself with new things.They must be bright colors.In addition to a lot of positive emotions, saturated colors such as orange and red, stimulate appetite.Communicate with friends and other pregnant, go with them to the park, restaurants and shops.So you're snacking at least for the company.

interest in food can also bring back a beautiful table setting.Turn meal of the holiday: go to the table beautifully dressed and made up, think over the menu.Do not shift this responsibility as a shopping trip at her husband or mother.Go shopping on their own.Being among the mouth-watering smells, especially in confectionery, you are likely to want to eat.

Expectant mother must take special vitamins.It supports the body and makes up for the lack of nutrients.