In the dream, a person spends a third of his life.On how to be healthy and strong night's rest depends largely psycho-emotional state of a person sleep affects his health, youth and beauty.Unfortunately, in modern urban life are increasingly found chronic fatigue syndrome.People do not get enough sleep, morning rises from his bed in the battered and fatigued, do not feel the tidal forces.The reason may lie in the lack of the usual holiday: the body simply does not have time to recover for the night.So, how many hours of sleep you need a modern person to fully relax, and after waking up feeling a surge of vitality and health?

is believed that the average healthy adult person needs 7-8 hours of sleep per night.Babies for normal recreation takes a lot more time to sleep: it is a dream of their body is growing rapidl
y, there is a formation of the internal organs, so newborn babies sleep 20 hours a day, and pre-school children spend in bed 12 hours.The older a person is, the less sleep he needs: it is easy to observe this law, if the watch for the elderly.Typically, they lack only 4-5 hours of sleep per night to feel rested.
However, the boundary of 8 hours of sleep - is the average value of which may vary, depending on the state of health, lifestyle, exercise and other factors.If during the day you have worked hard and performed overtime assignments, and experienced severe stress, sleep time should be increased to 9-10 hours.Nervous system needs proper rest, especially after the intellectual and psychological stress.In addition, the scientists point out that the women to feel cheerful and healthy, you need a little more sleep than men.

How to determine whether you are sleeping enough?If after waking up you feel heaviness in the head, laziness, apathy, irritability, unwillingness to get out of bed with a total absence of fatigue, then you probably have abused sleep.If you woke up, you feel that you can go back to sleep, so you sleep a night is not enough.It is important to try to go to bed and wake up every day at the same time, and sleep at least 8 hours.Once your body gets used to such a regime, you forget about the morning sleepiness and apathy.