First of all, picking up medications, should evaluate their toxicity and the possible negative impact on the child's body.So should choose those that have the least toxicity and bad passes into breast milk.It is also important to discuss the necessity and safety of treatment with a specialist.In addition, it is advisable to consult a pediatrician at the expense of a possible side effect of the drug on the body of the baby.
Many drugs get into the milk and may in fact have an impact on mother and baby.Along with them, there are drugs, totally safe for nursing mothers.For example, as an analgesic and antipyretic drugs should not be taken with the basis of "aspirin" or "Analgin" but resolved "Paracetamol" and "Ibuprofen".If you have problems with the intestines, you can, without f
ear, to take "Smecta" calcium supplements, enzymes such as "mezim", "allohol", "Festal".Patients teeth can be safely treated under local anesthesia "Novocaine" or "lidocaine".
With a cold should not be afraid to breastfeed in case pipsqueak antibodies against the pathogen, along with cold milk.Even if my mother had been treated with antibiotics, it is not obliged to interrupt breastfeeding.You just need to ask the doctor to prescribe, not penetrating into the milk.Such drugs include penicillin, "Erythromycin" and its analogs.If this is not possible, the child must be given "Lactobacterin" able to protect his intestines from the harmful effects of antibiotics.
For any preparation included abstract, which necessarily indicate how it is safe for pregnant and lactating women.Most drugs for local application, various ointments, drops and rubbing not absorbed into the bloodstream and therefore misses the milk.The exception is a solution of iodine, which is readily absorbed through the skin, permanently blocking the thyroid gland of mother and child.Therefore it is desirable to use hydrogen peroxide, green paint or other disinfectant.
There are drugs that are not recommended it is women in lactation period, and not the children.For example, "Luminal" mother received as a sleep aid, may have on the child's side effects such as drowsiness, lethargy, decreased sucking reflex.At the same time, it is in the children's doses are often used to treat prolonged jaundice in newborns.