Ointments based on hormones

There are 2 groups of ointments used in the treatment of psoriasis: the hormonal and non-hormonal.The first is used more often and are quicker, but they have many side effects.Before you choose a cream based on hormones, you need to know that they violate their own production of hormones in the endocrine glands and as a result - there is an imbalance.

very threatening complication can be liver failure, renal failure and cardiac arrest.As the most popular hormonal got ointment based on glucocorticosteroids.They all differ in their composition.

For example, on the basis of triamcinolone ointment - "Berlikort", "Ftoderm" relieve itching and inflammation, prevent allergic reactions.Often after treatment can be observed secondary

skin lesions.Ointments based betamethasone - "Betasalik", "Belosalik" are used very often.

They reduce the permeability of the capillary walls, blood vessels constrict.Such ointments contain the active fluorine, whereby they are many times more efficient than other means.When choosing an ointment for psoriasis patient should take into account many factors: the background of the disease, age and weight of the patient, individual intolerance.

nonhormonal ointment

nonhormonal ointment also come in several types, based on tar, indifferent, and others.The first part consists of herbal ingredients, so they are safer.This is especially important for pregnant women, children and the elderly.

This group includes "Antrasulfonovuyu ointment."Apathetic ointment is also widely used.These include: zinc ointment, sulfuric and others.But despite their safety, for they have their contraindications.

example, based ointment salicylic acid can not be applied to people with ulcers, anemia, pregnancy.There are ointments based on petroleum products, "Naftalan", "Neftesan."Unlike hormonal, they are safe when applied, produce fewer side effects, they are less addictive occurs - reduction of the therapeutic effect prolonged use.But they operate less efficiently and last longer.

Thus, on the basis of the foregoing, it can be concluded that the choice of an ointment for treating psoriasis - not a simple matter.Pick up the ointment should be strictly individual and depends on the severity of symptoms, consult a doctor before using a specialist is required.