«Vaginorm-C" comes in tablet form, the method of application of which, however, is different from the usual.

«Vaginorm C»

«Vaginorm-C" is a drug that doctors commonly prescribed to women who are experiencing problems in connection with the violation of the microflora of the sexual sphere.The action of the drug is based on the common ascorbic acid, but because it has a relatively small list of contraindications, which include its idiosyncrasy, including allergic reactions when it is received, as well as fungal diseases of the reproductive system caused by fungi genus Candida.

use of the drug

drug is available in tablet form rather convenient, making it easy to use.It is carried out by administering a pill into the vagina, and introducing exercise experts recommend before going to bed to medicat
ion could operate effectively throughout the subsequent nights.The greatest therapeutic effect can be achieved if deep enough to ensure the introduction of a tablet: it should be slightly bent legs in the supine position.

«Vaginorm-C" is used for normalization of the microflora in the vagina of women, impaired due to the presence of dysbiosis, changes in acid-base balance, exposure to bacteria or other reasons.Standard treatment in a situation of uncomplicated disease, which manifests itself for the first time, usually is 6 days.This one pack of the drug "Vaginorm-S" contains just six tablets, so for the full course of treatment it will be enough.

However appoint duration and intensity of treatment according to medication in all cases must physician performing monitoring of the patient.In addition, you should see a doctor, and after taking the drug, he estimated that the effectiveness of treatment and gave further guidance: for example, if the efficacy of the treatment was not sufficiently high, it can appoint to continue taking "Vaginorm-S" or recommend a switch to another drug.

Since the effect of the drug is based on the presence in it of ascorbic acid, its reception is not contraindicated, even for pregnant women and nursing mothers.Thus, the course of treatment prescribed by your doctor should not be interrupted due to these circumstances.It is also not a valid reason for the termination of treatment, and the arrival of menstruation, during which continue to be a daily drug administration.