How to receive mucolytics "ACC" and "Mucosolvan»

Mucolytic means prescribed for chronic and acute bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, cystic fibrosis.Such drugs phlegm, without increasing its volume, that is, they have no negative properties expectorants drugs.In particular, the "ACC" ("Atsetilstein") shows the direct mucolytic action, resulting in reduced viscosity and elasticity of sputum, significantly improved its separation.The tool reduces the activity of inflammation in the bronchi and lungs, normalizes the cellular composition of bronchoalveolar fluid.

«ACC» designate adults and children from 14 years 200 mg 2-3 times a day.Effervescent tablet to dissolve in 1/3 Art.water and take 1 time per day.Children aged 6 to 14 years old give 200 mg of the drug twice a day.Children aged 2 to 6 years appoint 100
mg 2-3 times a day.In acute diseases during the duration of therapy is 5-14 days.In chronic disease agent is used from 2 weeks to 6 months or longer.

«Mucosolvan" dilutes viscous phlegm and stagnant due to the stimulation of special serous cells of the bronchial mucosa.The drug reduces the amount of it recovers part of bronchial secretions and its properties, stimulates the movement of the cilia of bronchial epithelium, prevents them from sticking together.It helps to increase the content of the surfactant, it improves lung compliance.The drug increases the local immunity, has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect.

Tablets "Mucosolvan" designate adults and 1 pc.(30 mg) three times a day.The syrup is administered to adults and children from 12 years to 10 ml twice a day.Children from 6 to 12 years give 1 teaspoonsyrup 2-3 times per day.Children aged 2 to 6 years appoint 0,5 tsp syrup 3 times a day.Children under 2 years are 0.5 tsptwice a day.The duration of the drug - 14 days.

How to take "Bromhexine", "Karbotsistein»

«Bromhexine" has antitussive and weak bronchodilator effect on the efficiency is considerably inferior to "Lazolvanom."The therapeutic effect begins to occur only after 1-2 days after the start of treatment.Adults appoint 1 2 tab.(8 mg) 3-4 times a day.Babies from 3 years give 1 tablet (4 mg) three times a day.Children under 3 years do not prescribe medication.

«Karbotsistein" normalizes the number of goblet cells, reduces the amount of mucus in the bronchial secretions, normalize its structure and improves the properties.The drug helps restore the mucosa, stimulates the activity of ciliated cells, increases the protective properties of the respiratory system.Children from 2 to 5 years are at 2.5-5 ml of a 2.5% syrup four times a day.Adults need to take 2 capsules or 15 ml of 5% syrup three times per day.After improvement should drink 1 capsule or syrup 10 ml three times per day.During treatment mucolytics not take antitussive drugs.