As a rule, while waiting for the baby the woman's body becomes more susceptible to a variety of viral infections.Enough effective protection against the development of colds is widespread and popular medicine, which is called "Oxolinic ointment."In order to prevent the flu it is advisable to lubricate the nasal mucosa with this drug.In addition, "Oxolinic ointment" may be used as a medical treatment of various viral diseases of the skin, namely dermatitis, warts, lichen, and eye diseases.Most doctors advise using oksolinku due to the fact that it is permitted ointment during pregnancy.
«Sulfuric ointment" - is a completely secure means for women who are
pregnant.Often, it is assigned in the event of scabies, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, rosacea.This medication has an antibacterial effect, it helps cleanse the clogged pores, prevents the growth of bacteria on the skin, improves the appearance of skin.However, we must remember that "Sulfuric ointment" may contribute to the development of side effects such as allergic reactions, weakness, dizziness, urticaria.
addition, absolutely safe medication during pregnancy is considered "Acyclovir Ointment."As a rule, its use is recommended in the event of primary herpes infection, affecting future mother immediately at the beginning of pregnancy due to lower immunity.This disease poses a risk to the fetus because the herpes virus can sneak it through the placental barrier, causing a negative impact on the development of the baby."Acyclovir Ointment" is recommended to be applied daily to the affected skin several times a day.
often during the interesting position of doctors are allowed to use "nystatin ointment" to help in the fight against thrush.Candidiasis is hard enough amenable to curative therapy, as during gestation prohibited the use of other potent drugs."Nystatin Ointment" it is advisable to apply a thin layer to the affected area of ​​skin at least twice a day.
If you have hemorrhoids in pregnant women have a good therapeutic effect ointments containing sea buckthorn oil, which is considered safe for the unborn child.Such preparations have the following names: "Gepatrombin", "Posterisan", "Proctosedyl", "Procto-Glivenol."The use of these ointments is shown as a baby in the waiting period, and during lactation.