Folic acid and vitamin E. Such a tandem is useful for regulating the cycle and ovulation.He was appointed three months before the planned pregnancy.Take folic acid with the first day of month 14 days.On the 15th day of start drinking vitamin E - it takes 12 days.The gap between the vitamin E and folic acid ovulation.Folic acid continue to drink even after conception the baby.It prevents the likelihood of the development of many pathologies.
Vitamin A. This vitamin is a preventive measure under the threat of miscarriage and helps to quickly get pregnant.Important to consult a doctor on account of dose.It is calculated individually.Since you are already getting vitamin A from food.A surplus of it in the body can adversely affect the future baby.
Jodomarin yodit or potassium.It is taken as a prophylactic against diseases of the thyroid gland.Enough 200 mg per day.In a typical diet, you can use iodized salt.A very large amount of iodine found in seafood, particularly in seaweed.
Vitamin B6 - is the foundation for the future growth of the cells of the body.It regulates several types of the nervous system and contributes to the production of new blood.Just in sufficient quantity in the body contributes to the proper development of the brain of the future baby and a pregnant reduces the intensity of occurrence of early toxicity.
Vitamin C - ascorbic acid.In general, it strengthens the immune system.Increases productivity of the body, it kills bacteria and neutralizes toxins.It can be taken as an additive in the form of tablets, 100 mg enough.If you eat foods with a high content of ascorbic acid, it is possible to reduce the dose of supplements.High levels of this vitamin in citrus fruits, rose hips, parsley, currants, red pepper, cabbage.
for the future development of the skeleton and teeth of the baby need vitamin D. This vitamin is also mum will need, because after the birth of a great part of his leave from the body, and this vitamin need of prevention to combat the problems of the teeth.The daily rate of 2.5 - 5 g.This vitamin is found in foods such as milk, eggs, seafood, mushrooms.
zinc and magnesium - when planning pregnancy play an important role.They are involved in cell development, synthesis of acids and proteins.A sufficient amount of these drugs prevent miscarriage fetus.If you take them as separate products is sufficient to 5-6 a day.In everyday products contain these elements, too, such as bran or rye bread in pumpkin seeds, pine nuts.