should be noted that the drug "Trichopolum" can be purchased in the pharmacy without a prescription.However, before using it should be mandatory to read the instructions for use and consult with a specialist.It is noteworthy that "Trichopolum" promotes cures many different kinds of diseases.

Trichomoniasis is the main indication for the use of "Trichopolum" as Trichomonas vaginalis are very sensitive to this drug.Generally, "Trichopolum" is used for medical therapy is not only sharp but also chronic trichomoniasis, which is often complicated by other infections.If you have trichomoni
asis medicine "Trichopolum" administered orally to adults on 250 milligrams twice a day for ten days.Keep in mind that after the treatment is necessarily necessary to carry out laboratory testing.

In addition, "Trichopolum" is highly effective in the therapeutic treatment of intestinal giardiasis in children and adults, which is characterized by the appearance of vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain.If giardiasis is recommended to use the drug inside the dosage of 250 mg several times a day for five days.Children aged six to ten years is necessary to use "Trichopolum" of 185 milligrams twice a day, and from two to six years shows its use is 125 mg once a day.

Bacterial vaginosis is a vaginal bacteria overgrowth that develops due to decreased immunity, as well as the overuse of antibiotics.In the case of such a disease is a violation of the natural microflora of the vagina, which contributes to discharge, characterized unpleasant odor.Usually, the cause of bacterial vaginosis are bacteria Gardnerella, which have sensitivity to the drug "Trichopolum".When the disease is the medication administered in the form of vaginal tablets.It should be used for one tablet just before going to bed for ten days, followed by laboratory test of cure.

In addition, sensitivity to "Trichopolum" often show anaerobic bacteria, which are due to infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system, namely, kidney, urinary tract, vulva, uterus and its appendages.For the purpose of medical treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases medicine "Trichopolum" used intravenously three times a day.The duration of treatment depends on the patient's well-being and can last for two to three weeks.In the case of urogenital disease caused by the problem of the mixed bacterial infection, the "Trichopolum" administered simultaneously with any antibacterial agent with the proviso that it susceptible to infectious agents.

Contraindications to the use of the drug is a state of pregnancy up to twelve weeks, inclusive, and during breast-feeding a baby.In addition, "Trichopolum" strictly prohibited to patients suffering from severe loss of coordination, chronic liver and kidney disease, and diseases of the blood.We do not recommend the use of the drug to people who have allergic reactions to the drug "Trichopolum" and its components.In addition, this drug is contraindicated for use in diseases of the central nervous system, mainly caused by organic disorders including epilepsy and tumors.